Ten Miniatures for Black and White Keys

The following miniatures comprise a collection of musical thoughts from several periods in my life, all tied together over the course of the two short weeks from January 1-15 of 2010. They are, I think, all technical studies in a wide range of performance abilities both piano-specific and otherwise.
The common thread uniting all of the miniatures together is the separation of musical ideas on the black (pentatonic) and white (diatonic) keys. In the score, I have used large accidentals almost exclusively to indicate that a particular hand or musical line is to be played with one set or the other.
Each miniature carries a cryptic dedication, concluding with the initials of that person who has—at least in my mind—a connection to the piece.
Note: This recorded performance was hastily prepared and executed. Therefore these recordings are not definitive—the score, however, is. Click the link at the top of the page to download a ZIP containing all of the MP3 files.

I. Adam Atom H.B.

The too-short primordial soup of FIXATIONS.

II. Echo Kern

Echo refers to the initial pattern that grows longer each reiteration;
Kern refers to the adjustment of spacing between various musical elements.

III. Rote Joke R-i R-i

Knock, knock. . .

IV. Down Spin M.Y.H.

A hard-to-remember additive pattern of subtractive rhythms.

V. Kale Lake J.N.K.

A meditation in symmetry.

VI. Loco Moto F.M.B.

I've always been fascinated with trains. Also listen to Rail Roa Di Ana.

VII. Hair Fire D.T.

A vaporous and dizzying trance.

VIII. Vile Isle (alternate)J.R.S.

Study in illusion tones: pitches that seem to sound again when other neighboring notes are released.

IX. Note Knot (alternate)B.H.

A riddle of melodic entanglement.

X. Thin Hymn (alternate)Q-C

Four verses, four choruses—cadence.